Project Description



Open plan of 300m2 in a refurbished building, for corporate office use.

  • Client: Ygroup

  • Area: 300m2

  • Location: Barcelona

  • Date: November 2019

Our Solution

Project development for Ygroup, a consulting firm focused on developing strategies, analytical capabilities, execution and business alliances. A proposal of contemporary design, adapted to our international client. A space full of natural light where co-operative and private spaces are created to allow all its employees and partners, develop their full potential. An open space, organized by LAAM dividing partitions with a sound barrier. Office furniture adapted and integrated into the original design. A new space for developing business relationships, so Ygroup will secure the long-term value generation. Turnkey project management. Woodworking, plumbing, climate adaptation, electrical and data installations, access control, furniture, integrated office, decorative elements and corporate logos.

  • Diseño de oficinas 1

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