Project Description

Office CINC Building


A complete module of the building was unused, it had to combine two spaces; a work place for 20 people and a dining place with a resting space for the whole building.

  • Client: Cinc

  • Area: 250m2

  • Location: Barcelona

  • Date: June 2017

Our Solution

A completely open and unrefurbished space, it had to be converted into a space with multiple simultaneous uses: high occupancy at noon in the dining area to serve all the building’s users with microwave and sinks, a relaxing space with armchairs for reading the newspaper, checking emails while charging your laptop and breakfast, a vending area for a quick coffee with a partner. CINC, is a business center, coworking space provider and consulting services for companies in Barcelona 22 @. Adapted so that at any given time it could be converted into a catering area or even a large conference room, as well as a place to be booked for meetings to be a permanent working area for 20 people.

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