Project Description

Basf – Master Builders Solutions


INADHOC has implemented the offices of the Master Builders Solutions division. Prior performances, removal of disused items to adapt the space to the new design.

  • Client: Basf – Master Builders Solutions

  • Area: 500m2

  • Location: Barcelona

  • Date: December 2019

Our solution

With the help of the architect Jose Antonio Herrero of Up080, we embarked on the office project, adapting and refurbishing the space in BASF – Master Builders Solutions. BASF introduces a global brand of advanced construction chemical solutions. Products which are characterized by their durability and sustainability, reducing the environmental impact.

We distributed the spaces to house private offices, open spaces, office space, a data center room, all in one with LAAM dividing partitions, double glazing with flush doors with sound barrier. Natural light integrated with corporate colors, providing warmth and development for the business.

Decorative elements; integrated vinyls in dividing partitions, a large vinyl in the hall, direct lighting, preserved vertical garden, natural plants in planters on cupboards, natural wood glazing, corporate logo and magnetized glass slates. With the vertical garden, we have created a relaxed and healthy environment, increasing the sense of well-being and encouraging performance, where collaboration leads to productivity.

With tight timings, we achieved impeccable results and total customer satisfaction.

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